Our investment in our premises, the world’s most technologically advanced orthodontic equipment, comfort and efficiency of our materials, combined with our highly skilled and experienced team goes further towards ensuring our patients are afforded the absolute best, comfortable and fast orthodontic results available.

2 orthodontic x-rays are typically required at an initial orthodontic consultation.

We offer:


Both these x-rays can be taken in our surgery.


Our x-ray machines, built with German precision, and utilising cutting edge ‘digital’ technology, give a more accurate picture compared to traditional ‘film’ x-rays.


Digital x-rays can be enhanced, enlarged, printed and emailed if required. 


The more accurate an x-ray, the more accurate the diagnosis and treatment plan. This ultimately leads to a superior outcome.


Digital x-rays provide the added safety of significantly reduced exposure to potentially harmful radiation compared to traditional x-rays.