Metal Braces

Our metal braces are made by 3M, these braces have the same precision as the ceramic braces and are very small and thin. Many younger patients prefer these types of braces as they like to customise them with colours around them. These colours can be changed every visit.

Metal Braces Not for you? Did you know Ceramic Braces can be nearly invisible?  

Invisalign is also great alternative.  

Want to reduce treatment time by 30% with metal braces? 

AcceleDent is hands free device used for 20 minutes a day in conjunction with braces or Invisalign, designed to reduce treatment time by 30%  and up to 50% when used with Invisalign. It generates gentle micro-pulses to intricately accelerate tooth movement by stimulating the bone and blood vessels around your teeth.

It also helps make your treatment feel even more comfortable as your teeth will move through your bone easier. Our adult patients in particular have never been more excited to commence treatment due to the significant reduction in their treatment time.

Download this great research article about Acceledent!