Superior Orthodontic Solutions


With more offers about the promise of fast, cost-effective teeth straightening there are more ‘quick-fix’ dental and orthodontic products available than ever before.

Whilst beneficial to some, the results of such products vary greatly, depending on each, unique dental issue.

The only way to ensure the best, long-term solution for the appearance and functioning of your teeth is to consult a Specialist Orthodontist.  

No referral required.



Only orthodontic specialists are qualified to explore ‘all’ orthodontic options available to you or your child thus allowing the most effective treatment plan based on ‘your’ specific situation, budget and lifestyle. We want our patients to be informed.


Our patients entrust us with their long-term physical well-being and self-esteem. Our boutique specialist orthodontic practice has been built on the simple premise that ‘anyone’ who comes to see us is provided with the absolute highest level of care and professionalism available.