Superior Orthodontics

We do more than just straighten teeth. If you are wanting to improve the appearance or health of your teeth, jaws and smile in order to look and feel better, we are here to help.

Utilising recent advances in technology, we can treat you better, quicker, more comfortably and less noticeably than ever before with results that can last a lifetime. 

As the only Specialist Orthodontist in his boutique practice you are guaranteed that Dr Andrew Pitsis will treat you at every appointment.

To ensure the best personalised service, long-term options and the most effective treatments available to improve the appearance and health of your or your family's teeth, jaws and smile you should book a consultation with Dr Andrew Pitsis today.  

No referral required.

We want our patients to be informed so that they can make the right decisions.


Only orthodontic specialists are qualified to explore ‘all’ orthodontic options and costs available to you thus allowing for the most effective treatment plan based on ‘your’ specific situation, budget and lifestyle.

Our patients entrust us with their long-term physical well-being and self-esteem.        


Our reputation has been built on the premise that ‘anyone’ who comes to see us is provided with the absolute highest level of skill, care, technology and professionalism available which is why our referring dentists, specialists and patients think that Dr Andrew Pitsis is the best orthodontist in Sydney.


Operating since 2002, our close proximity to Martin Place, Wynyard and St James stations, as well as Circular Quay ferry services, bus services and the soon to be open light rail make our location ideal for those who live, study or work within the CBD or patients who need to travel a little further.